Author: Shawn Gomez

Discovery of tuberculosis proteins secreted specifically inside the host organism

A collaboration with Miriam Braunstein’s group (UNC Microbiology and Immunology) has recently led to the publication of a nice paper in mBio that describes a novel technique to identify proteins specifically secreted in the context of the host immune system. Specifically, this work focused on identifying proteins that were exported out of Mycobacterium tuberculosis into the mouse host (a standard animal model for studying tuberculosis). This work was based on some very nice experimental work by by Ellen Perkowski in Miriam’s group. Dan Oreper (working in my group as part of a longer-running rotation project) developed the computational analysis approaches to sort out bacterial proteins from those of...

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bioRXiv – Dynamic Spatiotemporal Organization of Exocytosis During Cellular Shape Change

With Stephanie Gupton, Fabio Urbina did some really nice work on quantifying spatiotemporal dynamics of exocytosis events in developing neurons. This integrated both experimental work and new computational image analysis method development – the preprint is now on bioRXiv! Urbina F, Gomez SM, Gupton SL. Dynamic Spatiotemporal Organization of Exocytosis During Cellular Shape Change. (2017) bioRXiv...

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bioRxiv – Proteomic analysis defines kinase taxonomies specific for subtypes of breast cancer

A preprint describing our work with Gary Johnson’s group on defining the baseline kinome in breast cancer is now out on bioRxiv. Collins KAL, Stuhlmiller T, Zawistowski JS, East MP, Pham T, Hall CR, Goulet DR, Bevill SM, Angus SP, Velarde SH, Sciaky N, Graves LM, Johnson GL, Gomez SM. Proteomic Analysis Defines Kinase Taxonomies Specific For Subtypes Of Breast Cancer. bioRxiv doi:...

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New award to develop a gut-on-a-chip!

With Nancy Allbritton, Scott Magness and Scott Bultman, we have just received a 5-year NIH Transformative Research Award for the development of a human intestinal simulacra! Essentially a “gut-on-a-chip”, this work will establish a novel platform that simulates a human colon epithelium within a highly controlled engineered environment. Creating this simulacra will not only allow the study of the basic colon physiology, but also enable the manipulation and study of introduced microbial communities, dietary factors and drugs that are relevant to the maintenance of health and the establishment of disease in this organ. My group will be doing the informatics for the project, including the “traditional”...

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Coverage of our Engineering Solutions to Health Problems workshop

In April, I headed up the development and organization of an all-day workshop focused on bringing together clinicians and scientists/engineers to focus on the identification of unmet clinical needs. There was a huge amount of interest, with enough demand that we had to setup a waitlist. Needs were looked at in three major themes that included mHealth, Rehabilitation Engineering and Clinical Devices, with a fourth “wild-card” theme that dealt with other technology areas. A wide variety of needs were identified and fleshed out during the course of the day, with a subset being ranked as high-priority and being followed up...

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